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Best Ways to Save Money on Long Distance Moving

Most of us are aware that moving can be a costly business. There is not only administration fees and deposits needed to secure a new property, but there is the cost of the move itself. Unless you live a very minimalist lifestyle, you can expect that moving home is going to cost you, particularly if you need to move long distance. Fortunately, there are some ways to save money on your moving costs.

The True Cost of Moving:

Many people underestimate the cost of moving, so assume that even a long distance move can be done with very little financial planning. However, the true cost of moving can make you think twice about moving costs. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of moving interstate is approximately $4,300, but the cost of moving services can vary according to the distance and size of the load. This means that the true cost of moving will depend on your home.

moving cost vs home cost graph


Book Your Movers Early:

If you leave getting your moving companies quotes until the last minute, you are far less likely to get a good deal. The best moving companies are in great demand, so they get fully booked early. If you get your quotes early, you can compare and negotiate the best deal. This not only ensures that you get your pick of the best companies, but you could save some cash.

Try To Move Out of Peak Season:

Although it is not always possible to choose the exact timing of your move, it you can avoid the peak season you can make some great savings. The busiest moving season is during the summer, so if you can complete your move before the children finish school or wait until they return, you should be able to negotiate a better price. If a summer move is unavoidable, try to move on a weekday, as it is usually less costly.

Don’t Assume All Moving Companies Quotes Are the Same:

When comparing quotes, you need to be aware that not all companies base their quotes on the same criteria. While some companies will provide a comprehensive quote, others will neglect to inform you about the additional fees and costs that will apply. This could mean that your moving costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Create a Plan:

While a quick move across town may be possible without planning, a long distance move without a plan can be a costly disaster. This type of full scale move needs a plan to help you organize the details and minimize the risk of unexpected costs. Ideally, you should create a budget for your move. This will help to keep you on track and allow you to monitor your spending. Although no budget can be fully set in stone, creating your plan will allow you to determine your priorities and help save money.

If you are concerned about obtaining moving companies quotes, you should speak to us. At Expert Moving Quote, we can remove some of the uncertainty of moving costs by connecting you with reputable companies who can meet your specific needs and budget.

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