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Planning Your Move

If you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, you may wish to consider organizing a moving planner. While this may seem complicated, this type of checklist is invaluable to ensure that no important details are forgotten. This will help you to avoid the stress of running around at the last minute trying to find something you need for your move.

When Should You Create Your Moving Planner?

Often a move can seem like years away, but the sooner you set up your moving planner, the sooner you will start to feel more proactive and organized. Your planner is likely to incorporate longer term items that may require weeks of planning, so it is a good idea to start your planner at two months before your planned moving date. This will allow you to add in every aspect of your move to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

7 Weeks to Go:

This is the time when you need to decide on your moving provider and lock in your moving dates. It is a good idea to make a note of the name and phone number of your moving company contact on your moving planner, so you will have it on hand if any questions or queries come up.

6 Weeks to Go:

You will need to notify your service providers and utilities that you are moving. The US Postal Service has an online change of address form on their website. You should also make a note to change your address with insurance providers, banks, credit cards, doctors and other professional services.

5 Weeks to Go:

Now it’s time to start deciding what items you don’t want to move with. Go through your home, room by room to see what items you will sell, donate or even throw in the garbage. This is the ideal time to hold a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items and donate furniture and clothing to local charities. Don’t forget to keep receipts for approximate values as they may be potentially tax deductible.

4 Weeks to Go:

Finalize your move details with your moving company. At this stage, you can let the company know if you need to add any items to your planned move or if there are any date changes. Confirm if any stops are needed to pick up any additional items to your main delivery points. If you have a long distance move, you will also need to consider whether you will be driving your car or if it will need to be taken to a loading site to be auto transported.

3 Weeks to Go:

Start packing up your belongings and getting your home ready for the move. You should dispose of any flammable items and drain the fuel from any machinery. There may be certain restrictions for long distance moves or particular moving companies, so confirm with your contact if there are non allowable items that you will need to dispose of before the move. It is also an ideal time to have your drapes and rugs cleaned. You can leave these items in the wrappers once they have been returned to keep them clean and fresh during the move. Avoid cleaning upholstered furniture as there may be moisture remaining that could encourage mold if your items are stored for a time.

2 Weeks to Go:

Finish your errands and return any borrowed items such as library books. It is also an ideal time to revisit your checklist to ensure that all the important details have been double checked and confirmed.

1 Week to Go:

Label any priority boxes that you will need first at your new home and mark up any items that do not need to be packed or moved. A day before the move ensure that all your electronic appliances are unplugged, so they return to room temperature for the move.

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