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Portable & Self Storage

Do you continually feel like you have more stuff than your home can contain? Do you struggle to fit your car in the garage or has your basement become a no-go zone of boxes and crates? If this sounds familiar, then you are likely to be in need of some form of storage. There are lots of portable & self storage options available, and we can assist you with your unique storage needs.

The Differences Between Portable & Self Storage:


When many people think about storage, they think that there is no real difference between each option. However, this could not be further than the truth. The two main types of storage are portable & self storage. You need to understand the differences between these two options to determine which best suits your needs.

Portable storage tends to be a popular choice with people moving home. We can connect you with a company who will deliver a portable container. This can be loaded with your belongings that you need to be kept safe for a short time or can be delivered directly to your new home. Some people find that this is a great option for out of season or bulky items. You may also find this type of storage beneficial to stage your home more efficiently when you are looking to sell.

Self storage is more flexible. You can visit the site and gain access to your items more freely. Self storage can be used for short or long term storage. If you are downsizing home or just find that you need more space inside your home, you could store excess furniture or out of season items such as sporting goods or tools. As the weather changes, you can simply retrieve your items as you find you need them.

Planning a Renovation?

Whether you have a plan to remodel or need to stage your home for a move, you will find storage solutions invaluable. Most of us are aware of how disruptive a remodel or move can be. By moving some of your larger items and other belongings out of the home into a safe, secure location, you can ensure that the process is a little more straightforward and you don’t need to worry about accidental damage. There is no need to worry about your soft furnishings getting covered in drywall dust or paint splatters. After all, even if you are diligent about using sheets to cover your furniture, a remodel can cause so much dust, there is always a risk of damage. By storing your items, you can also make the work area a little safer, as you won’t need to dodge furniture with your ladders as you decorate.

Understanding Your Storage Needs:

Many people find storage options a little overwhelming as they are not sure of their specific needs. Fortunately, the team at Expert Moving Quote is available to help. A member of our team will ask you a few questions to ascertain your unique needs. We can then advise you of the option that is best suited to meet your requirements.

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